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Being the owner of a motorcycle can be fun and enjoyable, but unfortunately, it comes with a higher risk of serious injury when you are out on the road. Without the added protection of a car’s frame, a seatbelt, or airbags, you are much more exposed as a motorcyclist and could be subject to greater traumatic injuries due to negligent drivers and a higher potential of fatality.

If you or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident in Spokane or anywhere in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho, Karen Lindholdt can help. Our motorcycle accident attorneys are dedicated to helping injured motorcycles get rightful financial compensation when an errant driver caused them to crash. 

With the knowledge of the law and experience on our side, we can confidently handle all aspects of your case and provide compelling advocacy that will help your chances of maximizing the money you’re awarded. 

Call our office at (509) 779-8180 or contact us online to discuss your case with one of our Spokane motorcycle crash attorneys.

What Makes Motorcycle Accident Claims Different From Car Accident Claims?

Motorcycle accident claims are often more complicated to resolve than ordinary car accident claims for a variety of reasons. A lack of knowledge from juries, personal biases, and stubbornness from insurance companies that want to fight and belittle your claim can make it an uphill battle to win.

Let’s explore some of these complications and how Karen Lindholdt can address them: 

  • Stereotyping and bias: There are unfair stereotypes about motorcycling and motorcyclists that are wielded by insurance companies. For example, they may place the blame of an accident on a motorcycle rider from the belief that motorcyclists “live more dangerously” and thus, put themselves more at risk of getting into a crash. Others feel that motorcycles shouldn’t be on the road at all. When this happens, having an aggressive attorney to defend you is valuable. We’ll plan a strategy to overcome this unfair stereotyping and present extensive evidence showing that you aren’t at fault and that simply being a motorcyclist does not make you reckless.
  • Severity of injuries: It’s fair to say that injuries from motorcycle accidents are much worse than those in car accidents. Motorcycles don’t have seatbelts or a vehicle body, so you are almost always flung off of your bike. Your only protection is your helmet and any protective clothing you may or may not have on. The chances of fractures, road rash, and traumatic brain injuries are high, which will require significant medical care and treatment to recover. Because the expenses are often much higher, insurance companies can get stingy and not want to give a rightful settlement amount. For these reasons, your attorney will fight for maximum compensation so you can cover the exorbitant recuperation costs.
  • Proving negligence: Motorcycles are a riskier form of transportation, which makes it easy for insurance companies to try and deny your claim by arguing that their driver was not negligent, and instead it was the motorcyclist engaging in risky behavior that caused the accident. They may also claim that they didn’t see you or that you weren’t following the rules of the road. Our firm is aware of the tactics that insurers try to employ to avoid a large payout. By having an attorney who is experienced in motorcycle accidents, we can educate the jury, expose biases, and prove that an accident occurred because of the negligent car driver.

How Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help You

When you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, your main focus should be to get better without the added pressure of trying to deal with insurance companies that want to get you to accept a lowball offer. As your advocate, we will handle all the legal aspects of your case and bring the fight to the insurance companies so you get the payout you deserve.

When you meet with us, we will:

  • Listen to your side of the story and get the facts from you
  • Determine how much your case is worth and the settlement amount to aim for
  • Ensure you receive the necessary medical care and properly document all costs
  • File all forms and paperwork and make court appearances in accordance with state law
  • Investigate the details of the accident and obtain supporting evidence (i.e. traffic cameras, police reports, medical records)
  • Negotiate with insurance companies and their attorneys on your behalf
  • Take the case to trial if necessary to secure full and just compensation

We understand that motorcycle riders carry a bad reputation with insurance companies that is totally unwarranted. We are thorough in gathering evidence and strategizing in a meticulous way to put you in the most favorable position possible and show insurance companies that we are serious about getting you justice. 

If the insurance companies are willing to negotiate a reasonable settlement, we will work out to get you the compensation that meets your needs. But if they won’t settle or present an unsatisfactory amount, we will be more than ready to fight for you in court. With 25+ years of experience, Karen Lindholdt has the experience, knowledge, and talent to deliver the best possible result.

Serving Motorcycle Accident Victims in Spokane & Stevens Counties

Motorcycle accidents can be life altering and place a tremendous financial and emotional burden on a victim and their family. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a negligent driver, we urge you to contact our team at Karen Lindholdt. 

Don’t accept a payout from an insurance company because they do not have your best interests in mind. We will carefully research your face and fight to get you the maximum amount of compensation that you are worth. The sooner you give us a call, the sooner we can get started developing a strategy with the best chances of success.

Get in touch with us by calling (509) 779-8180 or by filling out and submitting a request for a consultation online. Hablamos español.

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