Client Reviews

Karen is the best

From start to finish, Karen worked hard to see that I was treated fairly by the court system. She advocated for me, and was able to get me a much-reduced Judgement. Not only that, but Karen showed care and compassion for me and my family throughout. I simply cannot recommend her strongly enough.

- anonymous(5 star review)

Karen Lindholt Saved my life

I was recently accused of some horrible things I didn’t do. During the scariest time of my life Karen Lindholt was there. From coming over right away after our first phone call and giving me a consultation while I was in jail, all the way to winning in court Karen was there.

She gave me a fair set rate and stuck to it even when we eventually had to go to trial.

She was meticulous and extremely thorough. Karen spent multiple hours on my case doing all the necessary research.

Karen uses a Private Investigator Tim who was also vital in the process and worth every penny. He worked closely with Karen and myself to ensure every stone was unturned.

She is not the most expensive but 100% she is the best. Her amazing demeanor and high level of professionalism during my trial was something to be seen. She completely outclassed the prosecutor while staying sharpe objecting any time he crossed the line. She was completely fearless, she didn’t sit back, she spoke up for me every chance she got. Karen’s level of knowledge in the law is as high as anyone’s to say she knows her stuff would be a huge understatement.

Karen Lindholt saved my life, I will never forget it, if you find yourself in a hard situation there is no one better than her to call for help.

- Torrey(5 star review)

Tireless and zealous advocate!

My bandmates and I were charged with serious felony crimes. Ms. Lindholdt worked tirelessly on my case and all of my charges got dismissed. She worked very hard for me and was a tireless and zealous advocate. I would highly recommend her!

- Michal(5 star review)


If you’re looking for a lawyer you’re probably in a jam. It’s no time to fool around with a hit or miss outcome. We found ourselves in a terrible situation but also found ourselves a wonderful advocate in Karen. She’s got longtime experience in the court system in Spokane, she’s personable and caring, she’s well-connected and knowledgeable. Being involved in litigation can be a cold and daunting for sure—Having Karen represent us brought not only peace of mind but a resolve better than what we were hoping for!

- Ross(5 star review)

Worked Hard on Our Behalf

The results of our case were better than we could ever believe! She took the time to explain things to us, she kept us informed and kept us calm through the whole process. I would recommend her to anyone.

- anonymous(5 star review)


From the moment I retained Mrs. Lindholdt she was working hard for me. Not only was i confident that the outcome would be great but i felt comfortable talking about what was bar none, the most embarrassing experience of my life. I was charged with a DUI with more than enough evidence to prove me guilty, that also looked awful on my record. Knowing friends who had to wait up to 8 months for their case to be resolved, some who were on very strict probation, and others who even served jail time. I was pretty scared. However, after meeting with Karen i felt a lot more relaxed. She was able to get my DUI knocked down to a negligent driving with minimal fines and no jail time, as well as both traffic tickets cited during the stop dismissed. It was a true best case scenario, I saved thousands of dollars, and also saved my future. I highly recommend Karen Lindholdt.

- anonymous(5 star review)


Ms. Lindholdt is very professional and is excellent at her craft. Accomplished a difficult goal of mine. I would highly recommend her.

- Ian(5 star review)


I was fearful that criminal charges would be filed against me so I hired Karen Lindholdt. She was very responsive to me and moved quickly on the case, and the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office made a decision not to file the charges. I highly recommend her due to her professionalism, knowledge/background in the judicial system, and her efficiency.

- Oregonian(5 star review)

Outstanding support

I interviewed Karen to help me with my divorce. Even though she was unable to take my case due to her workload, she gave me great advice and recommended another attorney that would well exceed my expectations.

- anonymous(5 star review)

Great Lawyer!

Karen did a great job for me during my divorce. She knew how to fight hard for me while also knowing what not to do to keep things from escalating. Because lets face it, during a divorce with emotions running high escalating the situation is very easy. I feel she is honest and trustworthy and would recommend her to anyone.

- Chad (5 star review)

The best lawyer ever!!

After going through a horrible experience with Spencer Harringtons law firm i hired Karen to help me with my child custody and divorce case. Karen helped me, the father, get full custody of my two children! She also treated me like a human being and a friend. I was proud to walk inti the court room with Karen. She put myself and more importantly my childrens best interests first. I cant thank you enough Karen

- Nick(5 star review)


I was being served late on a Thursday while getting chemo on charges that were completely fabricated for a hearing on the following Monday. Because I had to come over from Seattle, Karen was willing to meet with me on a weekend and was able to help me with my defense and have my accuser and her attorney back down entirely from their erroneous trumped up charges. Even though I live in Seattle, I have happily secured her as my attorney in Spokane to represent the best interests of my daughter, son and I. I would strongly recommend her to anyone in need of a highly skilled representative for righteous and just causes. I am proud to have Karen Lindholdt as my counsel for representing me professionally and advising me on all legal matters.

- Robert(5 star review)

Injury from burning permitted by government agencies

Karen is a competent and tireless advocate for her clients. She is well-prepared and professional. She is a great listener and can assist clients to review their options in the process of going through litigation. She assisted us to comb through public records for evidence, prepared a legal strategy using the Americans With Disabilty Act as a basis, and prepared our case in Federal Court. She eventually won a judgement for us after going through two mediations.

- Patti (5 star review)

Grass Roots member based Non-Profit vs. Corp CAFO & Wa State

Karen was reccomended by another Non-profit organization. She is curently representing our organization of small family farmers in our battle with a large CAFO OF 30,000 head of cattle and what we percieve was an inproper Air Quality permit issued by Washington State. Our case has been heard by the Pollution Control Hearings Board and a decision is pending. Karen is extremely insightful, and a quick study. Her grasp of both legal and technical aspects of our case has been outstanding. Her courtroom demeanor and stragisms have resulted in a positive prognosis for our case.

- Scott(5 star review)

Peer Review for Personal Injury

Ms. Karen Lindholdt is remarkably dedicated and knowledgeable. She keeps her clients timely informed, and most importantly she won’t back down until she gets the right resolution to her clients’ case. This is why whenever I have a personal injury case come my way I forward it to Ms. Lindholdt. There is a saying between lawyers, “refer with confidence,” and that is why I refer all my personal injury cases to her. I feel confident that my clients’ needs will be met.

- Paulette R. Burgess, J.D.(5 star review)


Ms. Lindholdt is an attorney that has her clients’ best interest in mind. She will try to get the best outcome. In my case, she was able to get one count dismissed and I pled to another lesser charge with the ability to request a dismissal in two years. No jail time, and low court costs.

- anonymous(5 star review)

Effective and Competent Attorney

I work with Ms. Lindholdt and am impressed at her presence in the court room and the competency she possesses when working with her clients.

- anonymous(5 star review)

Thanks for being there!!

It is tough to find such a dedicated, professional, hardworking person in this field. The amount of time Karen has dedicated to me alone has put her on the top ten list of people to know in spokane!!

Karen consistantly shows me how being efficient and knowledgeable about a profession will make you rise to the top of the field any day of the week. There will never be a legal issue that steps in front of me that i will not contact Karen Lindholdt to guide me through!! She has a take charge additude and never backs down from a fight.

- anonymous(5 star review)